We are taking Paris Agreement to national level.

Applications are now closed!

Paris Agreement is built upon the principles of Intergenerational Equity in-order to combat climate change and create a sustainable planet for future generations. Role of young people in formulation of national level policies and climate change plans is paramount, and so is the reflection of their needs in these policies. Countries have already agreed to provisions in the Paris Agreement “rulebook” to take into account the views of youth and stakeholders to form their NDCs. Now, it’s the time to implement and make it happen. 


Climate action without youth and future generation is INCOMPLETE. 


This is call for youth and youth organisations to submit their proposal / plan of activities they would like to conduct so as to consult with national youth and their governments to feed into their country's NDC. Financial support, technical support and capacity building, will be provided for selected organisations for the implementation of their plans.  

Benefits -

  • Funding support - 

    • A total of approx 1700 USD grant toward those activities that would be conducted guided both through the proposed plan and the project team.


  • A training program designed to cater national needs - 

    • Your group would be involved in training / capacity building program that would help you understand the process of UNFCCC, Paris Agreement and NDCs, including both technical knowledge (what countries are mandated to do under the Paris Agreement) and national scenarios. 

    • Training materials to also support your workshop and other efforts on national level. 


  • Participation and engagement at COP25 - 

    • Fully-funded participation of one representative from your group to COP25 Chile. This would include international travel support, accommodation, food, local transport and related costs. 

Criteria -

The following eligibility criteria would be used in conjunction with the questions on the application form to determine the recipients! 

  • The group (or the team from your NGO that would implement the plans) must be comprised of at-least three people, balanced in gender. These three "core" team members must be under 35 years of age. 

  • Demonstrated experience of group members in fields related to climate change: adaptation, mitigation, on-the-ground efforts, policy advocacy, actions, etc. 

  • An initial plan of activities - with the majority of activities until COP25, with rationale on why those activities must be funded. It is suggested that it includes following elements - 

    • Efforts that you or your group might already be doing in support of your country’s NDC process

    • Plans for consultation - how would you consult among youth and government representatives (both online and offline) in lead-up to COP25. Please note that most activities should conclude by 30 November 2019,  a few follow-up activities may be included for post-COP duration - however funding or other support for those is not guaranteed.  

    • Concrete deliverables

Applications are now closed!

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