Youth Climate Scholarships 2019 - Application Form

Welcome! We are pleased to see your interest in applying for the Youth Climate Scholarships 2019!

Please note the following information very carefully - 

As an applicant, you must be:   

– Under 35 years old on 31st October 2019 

– Hold a valid passport 

– Able to secure a formal registration (known as “accreditation”) from the UNFCCC in order to attend both weeks of COP25. Accreditation can only be provided by “admitted observer organizations” or governments. Without accreditation, it is not possible for you to attend COP25. If you are affiliated with an NGO or government that can provide you with accreditation, please indicate this at the requested point in your application. If you are not able to provide your own source of accreditation, then you are still welcome to apply, but your eligibility will be contingent upon the Scholarships Team being able to find a source of accreditation on your behalf (we will try our best!). Please know that all accreditation are strictly controlled by the UNFCCC, and as such, the Scholarships team cannot guarantee finding you an accreditation. Thank you for your understanding. 

– And you ensure us that, you will be available to travel to Chile for the full duration of COY15 and COP25 - from 25 November 2019 until 16 December 2019 and shall also be able to get engaged in the preparatory phase online! 


Your application can be counted as invalid if: 

– your details are incorrect/incomplete and/ or the application has obvious mistakes,

– responses exceed the word limits,


Since the number of applications are expected to be high in number, we would request you to please be very precise in your answers. Feel free to use bullet points/write answers point-wise in the paragraph type questions.


Again, to read the benefits and eligibility criteria in more details, visit: 

NEW DEADLINE - 31 October 2019, 17.00 UTC

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